If your Net Promoter Score is less than 77% you are definitely catching up. Same if you get customer satisfaction scores just scraping 90%

"The keys to CX quality in insurance, according to Forrester, stem from effectiveness, ease and emotion. Typically, this means having a combination of digital and human access."

Phil Britt in CMS Wire March 27th 2019

"There was a time when insurance customers were satisfied with a timely response, a fair price and quality service." 

Clarke Wooten Group VP Insurance Services at Acxiom. He goes on to list what customers look for.

  • Cross-channel personalised experiences
  • Seamless, consistent and connected journey
  • Data accuracy, protection, privacy
  • Choices in buying — where, when, how and who
  • Interaction where, when and how they want
  • Real-time interactions and responses
  • An experience similar to other great brands
  • Value exchanges above and beyond
  • Trust and honesty
  • It goes without saying that you need a digital insurance platform that not only lets you deliver these customer needs but also: -
  •  exceeds the NPS goals above
  • Ditto customer satisfaction
  • And collapses costs