Insurers generally have a multiplicity of incompatible core systems of record across different business units and country operations. How do they deliver constant, digitally transformed customer delight and collapse claims and operational costs?

"Disparate applications, an out-of-date “legacy modernization” stack with an ESB and SOA, or different application platforms like in-house and cloud can slow transformation. Moreover, critical business functions involved in the integration - claims management, policy management, document management, and other applications like CRM, finance and accounting - often don’t perform well when ported to the cloud or mobile devices."Roi Mor CTO for OpenLegacy in Digital Insurance Nov 26th 2018 (follow link at bottom article)

Many global insurers have found the answer in new digital claims platforms like 360Siteview and SnapSheet that utilise APIs to deliver delightful customer UI and UX without having to rip-out or even re-engineer those core systems of record. 

Over the last few years most insurers have trialled and implemented discreet aspects of digital insurance. Self-serve FNOL and maybe uploading of photo and video evidence. Or a faster buying experience using just four or five questions to provide a quote. Few have taken the entire value-chain and digitally transformed this. Cost and complexity of changing the back-end systems is a major challenge. Tempus Fugit and it will soon be too late to try this piecemeal approach. 

Certain insurers have taken the digital leap and are deploying "The Full Monty". A radically transformed customer UX and UI across the whole value chain that overtakes the efforts of other incumbents and anticipates the threat from digital giants like Amazon, Tencent and Zhong An. The rest of the pack cannot afford to delay.

Scalable, reliable and proven digital platforms are ready to adopt and deploy. More than that they can be deployed in months and generally have a pay-as-you-go or subscription license model so no longer are in insurers faced with ruinous capital costs. 

Micro services, macro insurance catalysed by SOA platforms with an API enabled architecture are essential of insurers are to compete effectively, win & keep customers.

Delight customers and collapse costs is the rallying cry.  API enabled digital platforms that don't cost the earth the answer.