Following on from the UK insurer customer claims satisfaction ratings I posted you you can review below US insurers for both Auto and Property Insurance claims  which Patrick Kelahan kindly posted.

Property Insurance

Surprising how badly they rate in FNOL (except top two) when the technology exists to deliver high customer satisfaction and at the same time cost savings and efficiency. But plenty of potential for improvement as J D Power says in the supply chain servicing and settlement.

How can an insurer still pay be cheque when payment solutions are there for immediate, secure and reliable payment. Just ask Mastercard! 

Better picture in Auto Insurance where J D Power states:

"Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Reaches Record High as Carriers Refine Time-Consuming Processes, "

Nevertheless there are key areas ripe for improvement as J D Power says

  • Room to improve on helping claimants feel at ease: The single performance indicator with the largest overall effect on customer satisfaction and brand advocacy is making the customer feel at ease during the first notice of loss. On average, the industry meets this challenge just 64% of the time. Younger claimants are significantly less likely than their older counterparts to say they are at ease after initially reporting their claim. 
  • Customer preference for digital status updates increases: Preference for digital status updates during the course of a claim has increased 6% over the past two years of the study. However, a majority of claimants still prefer proactive, non-digital status updates, such as calls from the repair facility, calls from the agent and calls from the insurer. When these types of personalized communications are used, customer satisfaction with claim servicing is significantly higher than the baseline factor score.

Looking forward to J D Power releasing the 2020 results at the end of February. How well will insurare have kept up with the rising expectations of policy holders?

Best to see where you you stood in 2019, watch progress by start of 2020 and plan strategy to rise in the rankings for 2021