It is one thing to re-imagine and digitally transform insurer's processes but successful digital transformation must also encompass communications and orchestration across all parties involved with customer satisfaction.

Swiss Re offer clients means to save time and money of building their own agile and customer focused systems.

"so they don’t have to invest two or three years and hundreds of millions into that technology but can use some of what we have" Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Christian Mumenthaler Swiss Re

360Globalnet do the same for carriers's  digital claims  journey across the whole value-chain. And go much further. Add-

  • Data Management
  • Joining, accessing & analysing data silos
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Self-serve BI
  • Internal & External Mashups

With over 2.5 million claims already processed for major carriers this is an option all carriers should review.

See the measurable outcomes you can achieve.

Swiss Re and 360Globalnet showing the digital way forward.