An average NPS across Auto and Home of 77% and a high of 82% in Pet! Higher customer satisfaction levels is a priority goal and digital is delivering these improvements.

Incumbent insurers can equal or even outperform  Lemonade who rightly challenges them to "Collapse Costs and Delight Customers" two seemingly contradictory goals. back the

Having processes over 2.3 million Home & Auto Claims 360Globalnet can prove success achieving these. McKinsey, Bain & Company & BCG back up the realisable metrics from digital transformation ( provided you know why, what and back these with vision, strategy, staff engagement and good implementation.

Customer Satisfaction, Efficiency and Effectiveness 

“A typical large auto insurer could more than double profitability over 5 years by harnessing the power of digital”              Source: Digital McKinsey March 2017

Not only that! In March 2017 McKinsey published “Time for Insurers to face Digital Reality”. It presented compelling evidence that First Movers and a few Fast Followers will win the lion’s share of premiums and profits (details in References). Laggards will fight over a long tail of declining premiums and low profits or losses.

How to Double Profitability?

By tackling the complete insurance value chain from buying policies to settling claims and dramatically improving: -

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness

360Globalnet (360GN) has the metrics from processing over 2.3 million claims through its digital claims platform. The remaining metrics are from McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Bain & Company- all referenced in the bibliography. It is combining improvements across the whole value chain that the largest benefits are achieved. Individual initiatives help but deliver less.

Customer Satisfaction

  • From FNOL in days and hours to minutes; 35% zero-time eFNOL with AutoServe 360GN
  • Claims life-cycle reduced by minimum 40% 360Globalnet 360GN
  • Increase in Net Promoter Score by 20 or 30 points McKinsey & Company
  • Average of NPS 77% over all Home & Auto customers, 82% in Pet 360GN


  • 30% reduction in cost of claims McKinsey
  • Digital Lean Initiative leading to cost reductions of 15% BCG
  •  Digital customer journeys yielding cost reductions up to 20% BCG
  •  From 20% of call centre calls being “what’s happening” to 50% drop in status calls McKinsey
  • Up to 70% reduction in call centre resource requirements 360GN
  • 60% Reduction in FTE staffing BCG 
  • 5% to 20% reduction in expense ratio McKinsey


  • 5%-15% Annual Revenue Growth Bain & Company
  • Total Cost of Ownership reduced by 20% to 30% McKinsey
  • 3 points to 5 points reductions in combined savings ratio Bain & Company

Collapse Costs and Delight Customers

One digital platform for the entire claims value chain and all perils that orchestrates the customer, internal TU teams and the external supply chain network to achieve these improvements

Customers often ask 360Globalnet how such a complex platform appears so simple- where’s the catch? The answer is in their hands now. Whenever you make a payment by smartphone the process looks simple but behind the scenes it is complex. So, it is with 360Siteview- an outcome of a $35million and continuing investment. This five-minute video shows much of the processes visualised above and described below. 

Loss and Damage (FNOL) and Injury (FNOI)

FNOL and FNOI are faster, even immediate, and evidence gathering complete. An optimal mix of self-service automation and human interaction for customer satisfaction and efficiency. 

Claims Management

Automation and augmented intelligence routes claims and notifications to the right people. Dashboards alert claims staff to tasks that need a response and ensure no claim falls into a black hole. Customers are updated in real-time, so they do not have to constantly ring up to find out what is happening. A single digital record so that participants have a complete view of the status of each claim; what is planned, what achieved and, vitally, alerts on any shortfall performance to help mitigate potential problems.

Loss & Damage Assessment and repair

A key factor that results in delay, confusion, extra costs and client dissatisfaction is the challenge of communicating with and orchestrating action amongst: -

  • Customers
  • Insurance Teams and Specialists
  • The Repair and Replace Chain

360Siteview builds a unique, single digital record for every claim and shares this securely (redacted when required to ensure confidentiality) with every person, team and supplier engaged in solving client issues. Auto Customers entering damage via “squashed frog” diagram , 360Siteview ranks vehicles as repairable, write-off or needing inspection. Customers book appointments with repair-shops for convenience and efficiency. 35% of costs in the supply chain could be waste time and materials which will be significantly reduced with 360SiteView.


A prime reason for client dissatisfaction and complaints/calls for reimbursement results from delay, poor decisions based on incomplete data and the “What’s happening?” status calls in current claims processes.

Embedded real-time analytics and BI help ensure the insurer teams make the best decisions based on complete, current and accurate facts. Accessing, joining and analysing disparate and multiple data sources from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. It is no good digitally transforming for just speed and reduced costs- it must result in better decisions for the customer, the repairer and TU.

Other Classes and Perils?

The same platform is suitable for all products. Take those Pet and Travel  products on the insurers’s website. Digitise them for self-serve customer delight and collapsing costs.  Move into Commercial SME Insurance.

Good Value and Cash-flow efficient

Gone is the need for monolithic, expensive solutions. Pay-as-you-go transaction or subscription pricing deliver cash-flow efficient and low OPEX solutions. Faster deployment speeds up the measurable improvements


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