Digital Transformation isn't about system change or moving from On Premise to Cloud.  It is also critical that there is no empty vision.  Too many articles are about why, they seem to sit on a mount preaching you need this and you need that without actually telling us how.

Come Monday morning when you start a Digital Transformation project what would you do?

And that my friend is the question we asked of many, many company when at out last roles and the answer would usually be.  "But we are XYZ, you have nothing to worry about".  Did you see what they did there?  They didn't answer the question, as they didn't actually know.

But if a company throws an infinite number of graduates at the problem, then I guess it's a solution of sorts.

Lucky we have actually completed digital transformations, so we know exactly what we will do the first Monday.

The following article is a great why, give us a call if you need a how!