We live in a digital, minimal friction, high expectation world. Most insurers offer clunky, outmoded legacy interactions into this world and show surprise when customers respond badly. The business must have a clear idea what customers will demand and anticipate this with optimal customer journeys and experience for simple and complex claims.

Not just for Motor and Home but also for travel, pet, warranty, speciality and commercial. Too often one or more of these "poor cousins" languish as an outmoded analogue process compared with modernised home or motor insurance claims.

"The struggle is real. The sooner organisations realise that the process of digitisation has more to do with people than technology the sooner the transformation can take place. The right methodologies, tools and attitude is what is needed while trying to successfully digitise."

Noel Braganza in "How to make a successful digital transformation" linked at bottom of this article. 

He offers some useful starter ideas

  1. Pick the right team
  2. Partner with those that help you think BUT ALSO help you make
  3. Mix a new team with the old team
  4. Test and validate technical requirements early
  5. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

To that I would add one more:

6. Focus on the customer back- do not get hung up in today's processes, system limitations and the questions you ask.

Braganza's article rather neatly parallels one I published yesterday

Busting Myths about Digital Change

Get the people issues sorted and the technical ones can be addressed.