Personal Injury Claims and unstructured data- it has been like mixing oil and water. At the recent APIL conference fraud, social media and a call for speedier and more accurate services were frequently discussed. 

Barriers to solutions often cited included: -

  1. Cutting edge technology is expensive.
  2. It takes a lot of time / effort to integrate new technology.
  3. There won’t be a return on investment any time soon.
  4. Data hidden in silos and external sources

"That is simply not the case anymore. However, these concerns stem from bad experiences with the older generation of software which took years to implement and cost a fortune. Most modern software is cloud-based, so getting started can happen within hours rather than months. This also reduces the cost and means a positive impact can be felt immediately."

Claim Technology in Legal Futures June 2019.

360Retrieve with PI Analytics is making a big impact in the insurance market. Accessing, joining and analysing the disparate data sources in a wide variety of formats. 

Text, photo, video, metadata, audio and don't forget social media: -

In  Pinkus v Direct Line [2018] EWHC 1671 (QB) HHJ Coe referred to social media activities as one of, a large number, of reasons why the claimant was found to be fundamentally dishonest.

“I find that the fact that he can put posts on social media in the way that he has and clearly get enjoyment from all sorts of everyday activities is a reflection of the fact that he has fabricated/exaggerated his symptoms and even in the first 6 months they were not as severe as he has depicted and this further supports my conclusion that he has significantly exaggerated and fabricated his difficulties.

In the Canadian case of Bruni -v- Bruni judge J.W. Quinn noted

“In recent years, the evidence in family trials typically includes reams of text messages between the parties, helpfully laying bare their true characters. Assessing credibility is not nearly as difficult as it was before the use of e- mails and text messages became prolific. Parties are not shy about splattering their spleens throughout cyberspace.” 

Gordon Exall, Barrister in Civil Litigation Brief 

Technology will allow PI teams to analyse all the data relevant to each case and claim. Just as Claims Technology addresses legal firms needs so 360Globalnet offers proven solutions for insurers with 360Retrieve and PI Analyser.

Markets and competitors change "gradually, then suddenly"** and financial, legal and insurance incumbents need to anticipate this tipping point.

** Anand Sanwall CEO CB Insights