"Home policy lifecycle can be fully digital across several brands until point of claim".


Altus Digital Research December 2018. 

Why would insurers not have a delightful digital user experience and customer journey at the one time a customer really needs help and support? And even those insurers that have digitally transformed claims tend to have just put a better smartphone front end experience on the initial FNOL stage. 

One insurer starts gathering evidence after a claimant registers using her smartphone and after uploading photo and video evidence guess what? They ask the claimant to book a phone call with a claims handler!

This is not only home insurance either but motor, pet, travel, commercial and speciality. For all the talk of digital transformation there is still a long way to go. 

Only one or two have applied the "full monty" and extended digital transformation across the whole claims lifecycle from FNOL, through acceptance on to supply chain through to replacement, repair or cash settlement.

Makes this Altus Digital Maturity Assessment an important service to benchmark where an insurer or broker is and where it needs to be. An essential step in any setting any goals and strategies. 

McKinsey stated that there is only room for four to five insurers in any one category or market to share the majority of premiums and profits ( See exhibit 4 in "Time for insurance companies to face digital reality"). That leave a very long tail of the remainder sharing a very lean pool of profitability. 

Best to make sure you get in the top 5 in 2019 and 2020. 360Globalnet delivers the digital claims platform to achieve that. Two of the top ten global insurers have already proved that. 

Remember, however, that technology is the means to an end and it is essential to have the culture, leadership, resourcing and strategy to fully leverage world-class technology. Which brings us back to the Digital Maturity Assessment.

Note: I have no position or other connection with Altus.