The challenge; technology alone will not deliver the customer UX, UI and delight that customers must have if insurers are to remain leaders.

Self-service claims from customers' phones is all well and good but must be backed up by claims handlers who are empowered by technology to make and execute better decisions faster.

That requires a company culture, training and management to let claims handlers deliver a laser like focus on sorting out claimants.

And a digital claims platforms that allows that laser-like focus on the customer. That lets the business customise the customer journey and workflows to personalise customer UX. 

That automates repetitive and predictable tasks freeing up adjusters to pay personal attention to the complicated matters.

That lets the business continue to iterate and improve the journey and experience without the need for coding or vendor developers. That means changes hat can be made every day and during the day as customer feedback and front-line experience dictates.

It is about far more than technology whilst at the same time all about he technology.