Firstly by knowing there are technology solutions and to exploit these they must address the limitations that hold them back:-

Culture, Strategy and Skills

  • There needs to be a commitment across the organisation and from bottom to top to the vision and strategy for digital transformation
  • Lack of digital skills and resources- you may have to hire outsiders to transform
  • What got you here today will not get you there tomorrow

Legacy systems

  • 15 years old or even 25 years and more
  • Unsuited to digital claims but too expensive to replace
  • Needs a digital platform layer with practical API integration  
  • That allows fast digital deployment without having to replace core systems in short term


  • Need platform solutions rather than digital tools
  • Complete, addressing the whole claims value chain including suppliers not just incremental processes
  • Future proof- API architecture to add best-of-breed apps
  • Owned & controlled by business users rather than shackled by IT

Operational and Claims Costs

  • Business cannot afford escalating platform CAPEX costs
  • Require Subscription or transaction licensing for efficient cash-flow and lower licensing costs

Given a digital claims platform that overcomes these limitations insurers can tackle McKinsey's five five essential elements needed to digitize and transform property-and-casualty (P&C) claims.

  1. Digital Claims Prevention
  2. Digital FNOL
  3. Automated Claims Management
  4. Digital Loss Assessment and Repair
  5. Automated Settlement

Well worth looking at the detail in the McKinsey paper linked below.