Urgently read "Amazon’s Insurance Opportunity - 10 areas Amazon can disrupt". 

Altus Consulting shows compelling evidence of Amazon's Insurance Capabilities mapped against the Altus General Insurance Capability Model.

Amazon already has eyes on a UK insurance price comparison website. Travellers announces its Travelers storefront on Amazon.

"Significant portions of consumers — including nearly two-thirds of Amazon Prime subscribers — say they would sign up for a free checking account from the e-tail giant" consulting firm Bain & Co. said in a new report. Meanwhile, consumers expressed much more loyalty to Amazon than to national or even regional banks, Bain reported."

See "Does Amazon Threaten Home Insurers?

You sense that insurance is at a tipping point now and those that do not digitally transform across the whole value chain and across all products and geographies quickly will be left behind like Nokia. Kodak. 

McKinsey predicted that only 4/5 insurers would share the lion's share of profits in each segment of the market. The tipping point has arrived and arguably passe. When the dam bursts the majority long tail will be left fighting over the scraps.

"Digitisation is a transformation mode- not an IT initiative" Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner at ACORD Connect 2018 conference in New Orleans.

This critical factor seems to be ignored by many insurers that plan digital innovation before asking why it is important. 

Let's deploy AI and RPA! Let's adopt straight through processing (STP). Let's deploy a mobile app for customers. WHY? See bibliography at end article. 

Customers are and will demand much more from insurers and it  is too easy to think that a snazzy self-serve customer experience is the answer. Of course Amazon has already set the expectation levels as have Uber, Lyft, Lemonade, Slice and others. Insurers must surpass this with products, UX and customer journeys that astound and delight. 

Yiu need a technology partner that offers the customer engagement claims platform combining a  communications & orchestration hub to fight Amazon and other competitors.