"Significant portions of consumers — including nearly two-thirds of Amazon Prime subscribers — say they would sign up for a free checking account from the e-tail giant, consulting firm Bain & Co. said in a new report. Meanwhile, consumers expressed much more loyalty to Amazon than to national or even regional banks, Bain reported."

Business Insider Sep 18th 2018 

To add to an Insurers woes -

"Following were the key findings from the J.D. Power Pulse Survey: 20% of Consumers Would Use Amazon or Google for Home Insurance"

Insurtech World Sep 10th 2018 

See "Does Amazon Threaten Home Insurers?

You sense that insurance is at a tipping point now and those that do not digitally transform across the whole value chain and across all products and geographies quickly will be left behind like Nokia. Kodak. 

McKinsey predicted that only 4/5 insurers would share the lion's share of profits in each segment of the market. The tipping point is arriving and when the dam bursts the majority long tail will be left fighting over the scraps