Culture is a key success factor and differentiator but that's not all. The largest capability gaps between leaders and average insures are: -

  1. Culture
  2. Process re-imagination
  3. Data & Analytics
  4. Innovation
  5. Technology Investment
  6. Digital Vision
  7. Digital Metrics

The smallest gaps seem to question  the chart's title though: -

  1. Digital Talent
  2. Digital Team
  3. Digital Skills
  4. Change Management

This chimes with my experience; too many insurers leap into digital projects without having the vision, strategy or commitment from CEO & Senior Management to front-line staff to successfully digitally transform the business. 

Too many insurers ignore the critical importance of Data & Analytics- see "Insurers testing new analytics frontiers face meaningful change"

Too many start digital projects without any idea of the measurable outcomes of the overall vision & strategy.

Too many blindly follow large technology vendors or smart new insurtechs in multiple and unconnected pilots and POCs.

Too many are just trying to re-invent today in a digital form.

This Everest report seems to support these views. What do you think?