Only yesterday Maarten Ectors of Legal & General wrote of SoftBank planning to dominate ride-share and autonomous driving. Here BlaBlaCar exploits 10 years of data collected from 50 millions drivers as a competitive advantage to offer insurance.

Axa has an interest:-

“We bring reassurance to these platforms to help them acquire new users,” Axa’s chief in France Jacques de Peretti said this month in a BFM radio interview. “Having a big name like Axa bringing its protection, it helps business at these platforms.”

Insurers not only have to wrap digital platforms around core legacy systems but also anticipate these changing omni-channels and innovation from new competitors like the digital giants.

It becomes harder to determine who will own industry stacks.

See "Digital transformation and industry stacks"

Data will be one of the key determinants. Imagine the competitive value SoftBank can access, analyse and use to create new products and services. AI and machine learning depend on complete data such as that and only digital giants will have that resource and capability.

Amazon has already planted its first digital step into insurance.

 Consumers may forget banks and rely on Google and Facebook for payments

BlaBlaCar and Axa are anticipating such trends to keep ahead of the competitive curve