'Frankly, even with this new material we’re still only half-way there on whiplash.

“The really important piece for claimants, practitioners and insurers is the new small claims/whiplash pre-action protocol - the necessary detail of how these cases will be handled in practice - and that’s still missing.”

Ian Davies, who leads the motor team at global law firm Kennedys, added: “Make no mistake – these are seismic changes to low value RTA claims in the UK.'

Katie Scott Insurance Times 26th Feb 2021

When you are given little time to change claims management processes and workflows you can look to 'No-Code' claims management platforms for a practical solution. These are the platforms that rode to the rescue when travel cancellation claims surged in February/March 2020 and Business Interruption Claims later last year. 

They free insurers and brokers from being hostage to the requirement to have developers code and deploy change. Business Analysts and suitably trained people in claims operations can innovate, iterate, test and iterate again to deploy effective and transformed digital claims. 

When it comes to deploying transformed and digital whiplash claims processes 360Globalnet is already creating the rules and engines to empower insurers and brokers.

Digital claims management platform 360SiteView has proven the competitive advantage of 'No-Code' for household name insurers round the world.

Not just for whiplash reform but across all aspects of insurance claims management.