If it doesn't rain, it pours! 

Even modern claims platforms constrain insurers from applying joined-up thinking. Why? - cost, time required to change and add claims journeys,and inflexibility to concurrently tackle:

o Improving service

o Reducing OPEX

o Controlling claims cost

o Combating fraud

o Reducing the IT overhead permanently

o Delivering a back-to-back digital transformation

Time for overarching strategies that cover all aspects of claims operations and a claims management platform that delivers transformation for all categories of insurance, all perils and is "No Code" to allow the business to innovate and continuously improve. Can you deliver these benefits today?

• NPS of 77% to 86% and rising

• 40% reduction in claims lifecycle

• Up to 70% in FTE call centre staffing over time

• Up to 45% reduction in OPEX

• 75% reduction in IT spend

• Net 30% withdrawal of claims by home claimants

• 25% improved anti-fraud results

• £2,500 ($3,200) saving per DRR claim

Time to look at 360Globalnet's solution and benchmark against other options