"The challenge we increasingly hear from customers is that while the “robotic” part of RPA has captured everyone’s imagination as an alternative to humans, many businesses fail to understand RPA limitations and overlook other valuable forms of digital automation (like digital forms, workflows, document generation, and e-signature technologies) which are better suited for many process challenges."

Dustin Grosse Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer Nintex 

Valuable advice from a leading vendor - "RPA, even Nintex RPA, isn’t the automation answer for every process challenge."  Note- Nintex does far more than just RPA.

There is a temptation to want to automate existing processes and customer journeys. Save dollars here and speed up processes there. That is the classic "putting lipstick on a pig approach". It is neither transformation nor innovation. 

No-Code/Low-Code Digital transforming platforms let the business work from the customer backwards to transform customer journeys and UX. They also must deliver the same transformation of work experience for an insurer's staff and its supply chain. 

The business is closest to the customer and so must be able to iterate and innovate without the need for coding or reliance on the vendors developers/consultants. That just wastes times and money. 

Spot sub-optimal processes and workflows and trained staff must be able to make changes in plain English or native language from their desktop/laptop. NO CODING to give power back to the business.

Stakeholders must see the fruits of change as much as customers- have the repetitive and predictable tasks automated and empower staff to focus on the important matters that make a big difference to the customer, team colleagues and the supply chain.

Delight customers, collapse costs and energise & motivate staff must be the goal. 

RPA has a role but make sure you pick the right role or you will be disappointed. Pick a platform that not only incorporates RPA but via API architecture lets you benefit from the many solutions that, say, Nintex offers.