Insurers often ask for straight through processing (STP) and automation but there is compelling evidence here that this is a dangerous goal. Seemingly a 1% drop in customer satisfaction for a digital only approach which is a $200 million loss for a typical Motor and Home Insurer. Conversely a 1% increase makes a $400 million difference. Isn't that worthy of strategic goals.

Hybrid CX combines technology and people skills- sometimes called augmented intelligence. Automate simple, repetitive and predictable processes and tasks leaving adjusters freer to concentrate on important processes and customer satisfaction.

Call centres transform to customer engagement centres augmented by digital transformation

Rob Daleman in Quadient explains how.

  1. Invest in technologies that take hybrid experiences to the next level
  2. If you need to partner with an outside firm make sure they are experts at delivering hybrid experiences & journeys
  3. Identify the right channel at the lowest cost for each customer interaction
  4. Organise by customer journey and not by channel.

Choose a digital claims platform like 360Siteview that has processed over 3.6 million claims in a hybrid process. AND a technology partner that is expert at delivering hybrid claims experiences