It is amazing how insurers that have digitally transformed home and auto insurance then relegate travel to a retrograde analogue experience. Pluto, backed by Zurich, have bucked that trend.

"Research suggests that 85% of people  have trouble understanding their insurance policies. This led Pluto to design a solution that makes insurance easy to understand, without jargon and hassle-free - the solution is optimised for mobile and tailored to each customer and their trip." 

Why shouldn't travel claimants be able to just click a button for self-service online claims FNOL and automated processing? Why are they too often invited to "Download the Claims Form, print off and POST back filled in form".

If they need to explain the situation with a claims handler why can't they both read off the same digital record to avoid duplication and wasted time? 

If your analogue travel insurance claims form is lurking behind your website and you cannot digitise and transform it in a day you have the wrong claims platform.

Adopt a claims platformthat digitally transforms customer UX, claims handler UX, customer journey and orchestrates the whole value chain. Not just for Travel but Auto, Home, Pets, Employee Benefits, Speciality.......