"They want to improve the experiences of their customers, both agents and end users. They want to understand change that is happening. They want to move faster. They want a more innovative company culture. They want to save money and make money.

What carriers do not want and are not expecting is to transform their entire business or the industry overnight. This is good because contrary to public relations messaging from a few, most insurtechs aren’t promising to do that. Insurtechs, too, are looking to solve problems, improve customers’ experience, build relationships, foster an innovative culture, help change the industry over time, and save and make money. And have some fun." October 15, 2018 by Andrew G. Simpson Insurance Journal 

While much of the insurtech buzz has been around distribution, there may be more happening in business operations, according to Joe Schneider, managing director for KPMG Corporate Finance.

“There are a lot of interesting partnership opportunities for carriers on the claim side of things. They’re these little niches that you never ever would have thought of,” he said, citing startups using artificial intelligence to review policy language and virtual claims estimates.

Look to insurtechs that will: -

  1. Delight 
  2. Collapse costs
  3. Improve decision making by accessing and analysing all data silos, structured and unstructured
  4. Reform the supply chain in the same way Uber and Lyft forced traditional taxi firms to combine service with convenience.