Is is of little help for an insurer if it digitises the FNOL stage of claims only to proceed faster to hit the analogue buffers. The same slow management of the supply chain to investigate, quote and put customers's life back to normal.

Even if the insurer utilised claims digital platforms to orchestrate the various partners involved the time and costs involved can negatively impact customer satisfaction and insurer's costs. Waste time and materials can represent 35% of costs.

Howe much better to digitally transform claims services to deliver an Amazon or Airbnb customer experience at a cost 15% to 20% lower.

With UK subsidence claims 400%  on last year this is more urgent than ever. Especially as global warming will only make matters worse here, In Europe, across North America- in fact everywhere.

It is good to see digitally transformed subsidence claims services integrated with digital claims platforms.  That's when an insurer truly harvests the digital dividend to deliver outstanding customer experience and journeys rather than just faster ones.