Eye-opening. Just 23% of UK Auto Insurers and  and 31% of Home Insurers offering services digitally. And that's basically just FNOL and evidence gathering but NOT the complete value-chain including orchestration of the supply chain. eagerly awaited research from Altus Consulting. 

Anecdotal evidence that US insurers no better.

Combine this with the views of over 700 insurance industry participants at the  Insurance Innovators Summit in London this month. 

"A few select incumbents are already showing an innovation mindset and are partnering with technology providers in trying to reach new customers, yet the bulk of the industry shows little urgency to follow their lead." InsurTech News Nov. 9th 2018

Yet there is no excuse to lag behind especially as McKinsey presents evidence that just four to five insurers in each sector that transform their business and technology models will corner the majority of customers, earned premiums and profits. There is only room for first movers and fast followers.

There is today a scalable, proven digital claims platform that enables any insurer to fight off disruptive threats from platforms such as Amazon, Tencent and Google and that has already processed over 2.5 million claims digitally.

No excuse and time to act now before you become one of the long tail of slow followers fighting for a dwindling share of premiums and profits.

Act now to be No. 1 in Altus Computing's "General Insurance - Digital Research 2020 - Digital Ranking". 

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