Denise Garth makes the case in Coverager that digital transformation will change insurance significantly. McKinsey states that a large auto insurer can double profits in 5 years.

Digital platforms must also enhance the human relationship between customers and insurers.

Self-serve is vital but customers also need empathy and advice at times of distress or when the next step is not clear.

I would say the linked article understates the work needed by insurers to complete the digital journey. See 

Get Ready for the Insurtech Revolution, Act 2- hang on we've not achieved Act 1 yet!

Take AI.

Most insurers are years away from having the data, skills and strategy  to exploit and deploy AI. There is just too much data locked away in silos and disparate core systems of record. Typically 80% or more. That needs accessing and analysing before AI has a chance.

Which in turn means investing more than you think in time and money as AI is only a part of the digital journey.

Platforms like the one Denise links to and 360Siteview for Digital Claims are the technology enablers for insurers with the vision, strategy, commitment from front-line to CEO and resourcing to succeed. 

McKinsey proved that just 4 to 5 insurers in each market will win the lion's share of premiums, profits and growth. The long tail of slow followers will fight over a small and shrinking pool of premiums.

2019 is the year to be a first mover or fast follower to be in the profitable group. See the metrics you should be achieving.