Tasked to re-imagine and transform Hilton's online reservation experience the customer was to come first. Day One I was given a book "Don't make me think" by Steve Krug. A common sense approach to Web (and now updated to include mobile) usability. I still apply the principles today and so should you. 

Too many insurance mobile apps ignore the fact consumers have other self-service demands  on their time. Increasingly too many and increasingly frustrating. 

As Simon Penny says. "When I’m stuck on the hard shoulder of the M6 and my flight departs in 3 hours, do I really get a good customer experience from hunting for answers in my airline’s FAQs and booking a breakdown vehicle through an app, or do I just want to talk to some humans and get the answers I need and the reassurance that someone with some empathy has got my back?

The best customer experience must give offer a choice of talking to a real human to ensure nuance can enhance logic. Digital platforms should reduce simple and repetitive tasks by 70% so that claims handlers can spend more time on those needs that AI, Bots and self-serve are just inadequate for. They must reconcile contradictory needs and “collapse costs” and “delight consumers.” 

There is strong evidence that the last thing customers want is another mobile app. They need a  both a button to click on a website with automated self-serve or a direct phone line to talk to a person when they need empathy and a helping hand. 

 Once the immediate concern is dealt with the handler can still send secure links to digitise FNOL, evidence gathering and extend this to the orchestration of  internal employees and external supply chain partners.

Vitally, the customer must have an entree to exactly the current state of action and progress whichever device they use or channel they choose. No having to pick up the pieces and repeat information. No having to ask the status as they get REAL-TIME updates to the devices of choice. This removes 50% of all phone call immediately to the benefit of customers and claims handlers.

See how tobenefit from optimised  self-service and human interaction to delight customers whilst collapsing costs.