"In the last few years many top (re)insurance CEOs have been using words like “Innovation, Cutting-Edge, Big Data, AI, ML” during quarterly calls. But what really lies behind the hype is a graveyard of Mainframe, Cobol, VSAM, ISM solutions masked with newer front-end solutions. The underlying problems still exist even if they’re hidden. Not only do these graveyards limit actual progress, but they’re exponentially more costly and time-consuming to maintain. As seen in timeline below- antiquated programming languages result in antiquated capabilities. In 1988, IBM released a midrange server called the AS/400. When you see a “Green-Screen” (like the library used to have) know that these systems reside on the AS/400. This same system built 30 years ago is one that many (re)insurers still use today for all core functions including data storage. While the front-end may look 2018, the back-end is still 1988."

Marie-Christine Razaire Scouting Manager at State Farm® Labs on LinkedIn see Legacy Tech in Insurance

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Insurers’ Point of Digital Transformation Failure is Culture—Gartner at ACORD

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