Traditional Insurance stands at a various challenging cross roads as digital disruption, new competitors and changing customer behaviour rocks its staid world. 

Is Insurtech boring to all but participants?  - "Partly this is an issue of semantics — one of the appeals of fintech is how much the term covers. As a subject it will provide something of interest to everyone, from retail customers looking for a better bank account or loan, to small businesses, large corporates and incumbents trying to drive their own innovation projects forward. If you use the descriptor fintech, you can be sure a broad audience will dip into articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts etc.

Insurtech on the other hand generally inspires not interest, but boredom, and in some cases a more negative reaction. As a subset of fintech you would expect a narrower audience but the fact the reaction to the term goes beyond disinterest needs exploring."

Sarah Kocianski Contributor Forbes Sep 24th 2018 

Insurtech tends to focus on technology shouting the sensational benefits of AI, Blockchain, API architectures. Insurers tend to focus more on breaking out of the chains of ten and fifteen year old core systems, regulation, capital intensive and low margin business models.

Some of both sides focus more on the outcomes of the transforming culture, visions, products and, of course, technologies. The nuanced shift in focus to prevention rather than cure. 

The connected customer, home, automobile, pet offers far more service and value to help people live more healthy and effective lives.

On the other hand that opens up the potential for other enterprises to fill those needs. The masters at data management and meeting needs are the famous GAFA group. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. They are never dull. They command the attention of consumers - not always for good intentions.

Insurers are not experts in managing data and extracting the insights to meet current and future needs. Therein lies a severe threat but one that can be met.

A key to that maybe the ecosystems evolving in healthcare, autonomous vehicles and fleet management, supply chain management.

Insurers and insurtechs should focus more on outcomes to ensure that exciting and interesting perception grows. Otherwise it faces being marginalised by consumers, distributors of insurance products and business.