BCG make a compelling case that Chinese Insurers head the global pack when it comes to digital innovation. It explains how and why in the report: "Why Chinese Insurers Lead the way in Digital Innovation."

When the most innovative insurtechs and digital platform providers are in Europe and North America this is puzzling. An urgent topic for the CEO and Board of Western Insurers to review and seek answers

BCG proffers the advice that "European companies can adopt Chinese Innovations; the line between what's possible and impossible is often not firm". BCG Feb 23rd 2018

As the technologies are plainly already available locally, deployable and scalable it must be vision, strategy and products that need implementing particularly to ensure insurers solve real problems and needs.

Action Plan

  1. Be open to innovation
  2. Work to solve real-world problems
  3. Find the right partners

One partner has already processed over 1.2 million discreet claims for various insurers that deployed its digital claims & customer engagement platform