"To succeed today, carriers must be competent across many parts of the value chain; branding, distribution, customer experience, underwriting, billing, claims and syndication of risk to name a few"

Caribou Honig Chairman & Co-fouder Insurtech Connect in In$urance CIO Outlook 

If Amazon makes API architecture surely Carrier CEOs should insist on the same from CTO/CIO/CDO. 


Insurance Carriers excel in many areas but are falling behind in others critical to growth and avoiding disruptive damage from new competitors. "API-ification" (ugh- I know it sounds awful but it makes a point) is the key to be able to fill the gaps in an insurers technology stacks with best of class digital insurance platforms and services. 

As long as they have an open API architecture of course. 

Follow the lead from Amazon and face the future with confidence.  See "Can incumbent P&C insurers Out-Amazon Amazon?"