Altus has detailed the potential claims service Amazon could sell and deliver to your customers. Whether Amazon does or not is beside the point. Insurers must surpass the customer experience and journey that is described here or they are dead fish to one competitor or another.

In parallel benchmark the orchestration of the supply chain to repair and replace claimants' property, vehicles, contents and so on. The competitive threat is across the whole claims value chain.

Rest easy- the technology is already here; proven, scalable and even hosted on AWS for the benefits described. Affordable and at least one insurer deployed stage one in six weeks.

Digital Claims Customer Engagement Platform

Insurance MI/BI, fraud detection and data analysis

Digitised Claims Services from inspections to escape of water, drainage and subsidence.

Fully integrated, don't need to throw away core systems and affordably pay-as-you-go with no upfront investment or one-off costs. Of course you should look at other options- there are plenty to short-list but can you afford to ignore this one?

No excuse not to "Out Amazon" Amazon with the added benefit you will also sink the shoals of full-stack insurtech competitors swimming after you.