"We asked participants, who had previously filed an insurance claim, if access to remote claims technology would have improved the claims process for them. The results were overwhelmingly positive. 49% of customers said yes and 32% responded maybe. When asked if their insurance company has ever given them the option of filing a claim by providing a photo or video of the damage using their own mobile device, 67% responded no."

SightCall's independent Survey of 500 US insurance customers

This is turning away many customers- see the capabilities offered by SightCall and 360Globalnet which is also deployed in Europe, Asia Pacific as well as North America.

This is not restricted to claimants of course. Probably 35% of claims costs are wasted time and materials incurred as a result of, for example: -

  • Contractors over specifying e.g. driers and skips
  • Hire cars allocated when cars drivable
  • Delays waiting for engineers to go onsite to inspect damage- complex home and auto claims

All these can be speeded up using live video streaming to the technical specialist, engineer saving time and money. This is especially relevant where claimants are far away from specialist advisors and engineers e.g. Australia. 

Combining a digital claims platform with live video streaming and digital claims services make an even greater impact on customer experience and insurer's bottom line. In fact it can change from a 10X impact to a 30X impact.