"Given claims is where insurers really prove their value and customer-centricity, it seems baffling to me that so much effort is made with buying journeys and so little time spent streamlining claims. "

@InsurtechEd 20th Aug 2018 

Digitally transforming FNOL and claims processes is a vital first step to providing the customer UX that delights but- only a first step. 

Take Home & Contents and Auto Claims and the more complex claims e.g. 

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Escape of Water
  • Drainage issues
  • Subsidence

Customers need to know what the insurers is planning, how the supply chain will repair and replace and when it will be fixed.

Insurers need to achieve efficiency and cost saving whilst at the same time reducing cost- up to 35% of costs are waste time and materials. Too much time, cost and resources is wasted on unproductive work that does nothing for the claimant: -

  • Hire car when the claimant's car is drivable
  • Car sitting in auto repair shop awaiting a trained inspector to arrive
  • Building skips hired and just standing there waiting for contractor
  • Dryers installed by contractors when there is no justification for them

THis is where new Insurance Claims Services Models come to the fore. Managing the complete supply chain using digital platforms in the same way Airbnb, Lyft and Amazon have to slaughter analogue rivals. 

The role of Gig Workers plays an important role as well- too much of the wasted time and resources results from claimants waiting for someone to inspect the house, the vehicle, the damage. 

"Customers expect answers in seconds or minutes, and companies are struggling to respond fast enough. Gig work allows a company to tap their product experts to answer support questions on products they use every day, and they can answer questions while waiting to drop off their kids at school, while grocery shopping, or from the comfort of their couch.”

Antony Brydon,  CEO of Directly.

In the USA and UK two companies are pioneers in delivering nationwide trained people to visit premises at the time convenient to customers- usually out of office working hours. Speeding up inspections, interviews, surveys to settle claims faster.



Bespoke digitally-enabled response networks can connect with experts back at base via live-streaming video. Combining local friendly assistance with engineers, technicians to quickly inspect, specify, quote and deliver remedial services.

Meanwhile all the video and photo evidence is gathered as part of one single digital record to make and execute the optimal decisions for optimal customer satisfaction. Better still the claimant is kept up-to-date on progress so the Claims Team are relieved of the endless "When is Drainage Contractor arriving" type of questions. 

This combination of digital claims platforms with transformed claims services will deliver major benefits to customers and insurers. Typically taking a 10X improvement to twenty or even 30X measurable return.

The opposite is also true of course; relative decline in customer satisfaction, and absolute decline in margins and customer retention.