They are scarily similar- you know when a consumer product does the same and within weeks all its competitors use same tunes. They then get on your nerves.  Might be more of a case of that.

I like the more human approach of TROV which still shows same simple customer experience  but more importantly the actually accidents that happen. SLICE takes same approach 

Then there is the bigger picture- real and more complex insurance as well as simple A&D.  Quick & Self-Serve FNOL from the phone or tablet, fast gathering and processing  of data and acceptance/ decline and orchestration of all participants across the insurer its supply chain.

Catchy tune again!

Not just for home contents, or just motor, or just personal possessions and not just one country but all products and perils across all countries. That's a 360 degree approach. Horses for courses- Ah yes- they even include PETS Insurance