Slice has migrated from US only to UK and with 360Globalnet offers a cloud hosted, end-to-end, digital-first platform designed and built to drive experimentation and deployment.

Too many insurtech offers are too limited in scope and just customer UX technologies. Insurers need far more than that- digital platforms that cover the complete customer need 

  1. customer UX from FNOL to settlement
  2. Repair and replace  insurance supply chain
  3. Light touch but secure integration  with core systems

Every insurer must get convincing answers to the following questions:-

  1. Can my clients report any type of claim via our website and via their mobile devices?
  2. Can my clients easily upload any type of video, imagery, dashcam footage, or documents from their mobile to our claims system without the need to download an app?
  3. Can this evidence be shared with all parties to a claim via a fully end-to-end secure digital process that orchestrates all supplier interactions?
  4. Can these processes, with their workflows and automation, be easily configured by our business people in hours and days rather than by IT people in weeks and months?
  5. Are GDPR compliance, robust resilience and state of the art security fully built in from the outset?
  6. Can I wrap this platform around our legacy core systems without complex and inflexible integration?
  7. Can all this be had without incurring any upfront investment costs, purely paying according to usage?

And very important- have a clear strategy based on:-

  • Vision of the future of insurance
  • Knowledge of the ecosystems that will dominate that future
  • Anticipation of who will be their major competitor in the future
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Commitment from CEO to Claims Handlers