Oh Dear!  The experts at assembling vehicles finding software a challenge.

" Problems at Volkswagen Group's Cariad software division could delay key new electric cars from Audi, Porsche and Bentley.

According to Automobilwoche, which cites unnamed sources, Audi's new flagship—developed under the Artemis project—will not launch until 2027, three years later than initially planned." 

InsideEVs July 12 2022

Not surprising when even Tesla's Musk said that development of  the Tesla AutoPilot is taking longer than planned and that's a software and data science company at heart. And....

"Tesla’s self-driving capabilities have been called into question repeatedly; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that from July of last year through 15 May, vehicles using Autopilot, “Full Self-Driving," Traffic Aware Cruise Control, or other driver-assist systems were in 273 crashes."

See  details in Tesla must pay for customer’s car due to ‘massive danger’ caused by self-ding Autopilot feature 

It sort of makes sense that if auto OEMs have to push the accelerator to the floor in order to have any hope of keeping near Tesla in the software stakes it leaves auto insurance carriers the open road to innovate with insurance products, underwriting, claims and service. The OEMs can always partner with the carriers.

This is discussed in The Future of Auto Insurance- Connected: Embedded: Subscribed 

This incorporates themes from the paper of the same title authored  by Bryan Falchuk with much extra material. Falchul makes the point that such collaboration will lead to a whittling down of carriers as global auto OEMS will not want a large number of carriers on their panels. Maybe 4 to five or even less. Only the innovative, efficient and effective will dominate these growing ecosystems.

Even more pressure piled on by cost and claims inflation which are outsripping the ability of carriers to increase premiums.

See A warning to carriers without the leadership, strategy and technology of market leaders for the challenges and solutions.