You hardly go a day without reading how eFNOL , virtual inspections and AI powered platforms are transforming auto claims for customers and insurers. So this caught my eye in an article from Insurtech Australia: -

"Our belief is having insightful tree data, insurance companies can use to calculate a client’s risk with a similar value that they do with motor vehicles." A Zoom call with the Managing Director Peter Dubiez showed how In Australia insurers and their supply chain partners use the data for smarter claims handling. You can see why when looking at benefits gained e.g.

  • Reduction in communication touchpoints by 40% and greater
  • Reduction in tree costs by 30% and greater
  • Reduction in open days by 50% and greater

The business is that inspiring mix of world-class arborist and technology expertise, supply chain ecosystems and a businessman with a keen eye for business transformation. Smart tree services for not just insurers but property services, tree management, local government and many other fields

Starting in Sydney, expanding across Australia and New Zealand Enviro Frontier Pty Ltd collaborate with Sedgwick, Auto & General and IAG  and it has opened an office in Spain and is discussing partnerships in the UK. With the storm season heading our way again in Northern Europe it might be a good time to consider tree management technology as much as auto and home claims platforms. They are all intertwined at times.

I noted this announcement last month.

UK property data insurtech WhenFresh has joined forces with tree mapping specialists Bluesky to make its National Tree Map (NTM) data available to insurers and other big data users. 

"For insurers, the proximity of trees to a property and the size of trees has important implications to the risk of subsidence.

Subsidence is when the ground beneath a property sinks, pulling the property’s foundations down with it.

This can occur when soil is drained of water in hot, dry weather, as well as if tree roots undermine the foundations of a property – particularly in combination with soil type.

Mark Cunningham, WhenFresh chief executive and co-founder, said: “Alongside our core proprietary data, we continue to bring together best-in-class property-related data assets as the basis for providing tailor-made solutions to empower insurers, lenders and other big data users to make better, faster and less risky decisions.

“The National Tree Map is a truly astonishing piece of work and we’re thrilled to welcome Bluesky to our ever-expanding family of data partners.

”Making the National Tree Map data easily accessible to our existing and potential customers."

You can see a potential ecosystem evolving here should arborists in the UK adopt Enviro Frontier's smart tree platform and these be integrated with digital claims platforms, the National Tree Map and WhenFresh property data. 

The European expansion is driven by Xose Manuel Feijoo who can be contacted at  

Read the full article in the link below.