Insurers face dilemma over whether to challenge High Court ruling on business interruption cover.

“Insurers have had a windfall that Orient Express has given them over many years in negotiation, particularly around property losses,” said Ravi Nayer, a partner at law firm Brown Rudnick. “If they go to the Supreme Court to fix a perceived problem in this judgement, they may run the risk that the Supreme Court takes the opportunity to overturn Orient Express.” Those involved in the case have until September 28 to decide whether to appeal. Regardless of whether they do, the FCA has told them to start work immediately on claims that the initial judgement supports."

Oliver Ralph and Matthew Vincent Financial Times 17th September, 2020

Two global insurers anticipated the FCA ruling by deploying 360SiteView a No-Code digital claims platform. You can see why at: -

The BI test case should prompt insurers to interrupt themselves.

The key to being able to plan and deploy customised business interruption claims is No-Code Software.

The success of No-Code Unqork and 360SiteView in the insurance market is testament to the key importance f no-code over traditional core systems. Unqork is backed by Google, Black Rock and Goldman Sachs which is a sign of the transformational significance of no-code.

Unqork, 360Globalnet and Oliver Wyman explain the benefits on no-code on the webinar, link below, hosted by Robin Merttens on Instech London

No Code Insurance Platforms: Hype or Game-Changing?

So, time to heed the FCA and look at the no-code solution that supports the rapid, effective and surprisingly low cost management of business interruption claims.


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