We adapted fast to remote working — now we must fight for moments that drive innovation

Most insurers can look at their new work-from-home (WFH) operating model and be satisfied that their devolved claims, fraud and supply chain teams are servicing claims satisfactorily. Helped by a reduction in auto claims as vehicles stayed parked and complex home claims as WFH let residents anticipate escape of water incidents.

Yet many insurers will have found the weaknesses of current systems are exposed and be considering what to do to mitigate these vulnerable areas.

Take the MO that requires engineers and technicians to visit homes and commercial properties to inspect and scope   damage in order to plan remedial repairs and replacement.

Insurers with a true digital claims management platform have been able to combine the co-operation of policyholders and their smartphones to collect photo images and, for context, video.

Using tools like Zoom,Face-time, MS Teams etc does give rise to concerns about privacy and GDPR implications.

And how do you process the information and metadata gained?

Those with a platform like 360SiteView are already assured of secure connectivity, time and date-stamped records of every task, event, stage and upload and a digital workflow to manage the claim.

Those not in that enviable position need not despair however.

A service to replace face-to-face visits with a digitally assisted visit experience  ( named D.A.V.E. ) was launched in April. Whatever platform you have whether legacy or more modern you can leverage D.A.V.E.

Why not try it? Even as home, workshop and property visits are once again practical you will find productivity and effectiveness will be improved by digitising this aspect of claims.

The FT article talks about loosing that innovative spark in a WFH operating model. How to ignite it?

It significantly helps if the digital claims platform does more than just digitise workflows. If trained analysts and claims adjusters with the right skills can experiment in plain English (or Spanish, French etc) with improvements to current processes and test them for approval and production release you will release the creative ideas and skills of the team.

Ally that with inbuilt communications and orchestration and the platform will help achieve constant creativity,iteration and innovation. There is a wealth of creative talent throughout the claims, underwriting, fraud and supply chain teams just held back by restricting and inflexible claims platforms.

The key is having a NO CODE platform. One in  which trained staff can literally customise new processes, workflows and wording from their workstations.

This is not cut&paste which still restricts you to the functionality of the platform. Easier but not allowing users to customise and tailor digital workflows for any claims journey from simple A&D to complex CAT claims.

Take the opportunity to instil innovation, creativity and constant improvement with the right NO CODE digital claims platform.

Suitable not just for D.A.V.E. but also for the Harry and Sally members of your teams. Then other insurers might well emulate the film, look at you and say 

"I'll have what you're having"