"The burden of legacy IT systems coupled with the issue of the innovator’s dilemma—namely, that companies critically need to know how and when to implement new technologies—implies that like many others, the asset management industry is mired in history.Lessons for everyone "

Martijn Moerbeek; Digital Strategy & Innovation Director  L&G Investment Management

Moerbeek goes on to say: 

At the same time, the structural trends identified in our previous article have diverted management’s attention from long-term growth to short-term survival. As a result, senior executives—who should be using their longtime experience to think creatively about business solutions—have of necessity become preoccupied with the day-to-day running of the business, while inadequate forward spend on digital skills and regulatory issues have further slowed things down. Add to this the high investment cost of innovation and change management, and it becomes apparent that although idea generation is one thing, execution of those ideas is quite another.

Instead of being agile like a butterfly you are chained like a pupa.

360Globalnet helps insurer's claims management join the Accelerators group even if they have old legacy core systems or current, yet inflexible and complex, enterprise claims software.

In the last week an existing customer has transferred and transformed its complete home claims business to the next-gen 360Siteview claims management platform- yes in just one week. 

And after a long time considering digital transformation another UK insurer has decided to transform its Motor and Home Insurance business migrating to 360Siteview in one week.

That's the power of an agile and no code claims management platform hosted on Amazon AWS.  Insurers can both solve the short-term challenges posed by Covid-19 and at the same time act strategically to transform claims and underwriting.

If you have always wanted to be an Accelerator but been forced to be a Moderator by your current systems you can now make the leap meaning that: -

  1. Complex becomes SIMPLE
  2. Slow becomes FAST
  3. Inflexible becomes FLEXIBLE
  4. Expensive becomes LOW COST
  5. Manual becomes AUTOMATED

Take the first step now and email: -

  • USA/Canada  Andrew.Peet@360Globalnet.com
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