Contingency planning for claims call centres closed as a result of COVID-19 contagion normally assumes relocating to separate premises with replicated IT and software and hardware infrastructure. The danger is these back-up locations may also close.


offers a proven contingency deployment including dispersed working addressing the challenges of home working. Better still its digital claims management platform has been deployed in weeks e.g. to anticipate the disruption and surge demand of Hurricane Irma. No matter if the core claims system is old legacy or a more modern PaaS platform 360Globalnet is in a position to help insurers anticipate disruption.

360Globalnet's flexible and agile digital claims platform, 360Siteview, being No Code can be customised to the urgent spec and scope defined by every individual insurer.

As the prospect of call-centre closures and no-access for loss adjusters looms with the Coronavirus spread this could be a godsend for insurers and policyholders.

Chief executive, Paul Stanley, said the insurance industry would need to have flexible IT claims systems, which are quickly configurable to new ways of operating. 

Stanley warns there is a distinct possibility of call centres being closed as companies take stringent measures to control the virus spread.

Elsewhere, the use of video streaming would be helpful on claims, such as in home, where loss adjusters may be prohibited from site visits.

The UK's Financial  Services Authority (FSA)  states that companies should be able to record calls whether made from backup call centres of from home. Whilst some insurers admitted this would be a problem even with remote dial-in. 360Globalnet assured them they can record and time/date stamp all conversations, data flows, evidence gathering and events by deploying 360Siteview.  

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