McKinsey sees insurers allocating 20% of resources to prevention rather than risk sharing in "Claims 2030: Dream or Reality". When it comes to home and contents that means connecting to the "Home-as-a-Platform". 

"Haap" might turn out to be "Happless"

AS The Economist states "Ben Wood, the chief of research at ccs Insight, another firm of analysts, says that installing and maintaining smart gadgets—let alone trying to get them to work together—can be a chore. “It’s a very Heath Robinson kind of patchwork, a jigsaw puzzle of connectivity.”

This involved 2km of network cabling in Woods own home. Add to that "Another problem is that products from one manufacturer often fail to work well with those from another."


his moves into the world of the system integrator rather than the strengths of incumbent insurers. The idea is that insurers will be partners of "ecosystems" but that could mean being junior partners. The integrators, OEMs and digital giants like Amazon may become the senior partners and how many insurers will they want to work collaboratively with?

Best to focus on customers today and re-imagine the claims journey for all products and perils and work with a technology partner that delivers digital transformation for them all in one platform.

Then at least insurers will tackle ecosystems and the connected home from a position of strength and market leadership.