As heavily dependent upon insurance as Uber is, the company has said it is not interested in entering the insurance business. Rather, the global transportation firm is content to focus on being an “intelligent purchaser” of insurance, continuing to work with insurance carriers and brokers.

“No, to be honest, we’re trying to get out of the insurance business,” Curtis Scott, global head of insurance for Uber, said at the Insuretech Connect Conference (ITC) last October.

Citing reports of other tech firms including Amazon showing an interest in insurance,he said Uber is not among them. “I can tell you that Uber doesn’t have a desire to. We are good at being a tech company that’s in logistics and we want to do that. That’s what we’re strong at,” he said.

Lesson is that the insurers that achieve the same scale and competence of digital transformation as Uber stand to gain the lion's share of its insurance cover. And vice versa!