"As the actual insurer, Tesla will be able to offer unique products like on-demand or usage-based offers. For example, Tesla can offer a product where a driver is insured for a certain number of miles. Tesla’s sensors can easily recognize when this amount is exceeded, at which time they will offer additional insurance coverage in real-time that the customer will find difficult to refuse. Satisfied customers can continue to drive with peace of mind, knowing they are always driving within requirements of their insurance policy. I’m pretty sure that Tesla drivers will love that, and can appreciate the savings and value proposition. "

Frank Gehrig in Digital Insurance April 30th 2019

A subsidiary of the giant Markel Corporation State National will ensure Tesla uses the data to optimise risk and products offered. It will also address claims costs and compliance which new entrants often underestimate.

It also offers Market the ideal opportunity to analyse the full potential of the wide range of real-time data each Tesla owner and driver generates. With this it can seek to gain competitive advantage for new products covering uses like ride-share. Markel can scale these up to products for the evolving age of autonomous vehicles, ride-share and robo-taxis. 

See "Tesla, New Insurance Products and Ecosystems"for the disruptive impact this may start.

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