Well crafted article by Denise Garth with a massive challenge for every insurer.

"It took 7-8 years from the start of the Digital Age in 2007, with the introduction of the Apple iPhone, for Insurance 1.0 to witness the emergence of InsurTech, and with that only 3-4 years to see the shift to Digital Insurance 2.0!  Will you be ready for Insurance 3.0 and the future of insurance?"

Denise Garth SVP Strategic Marketing Majesco Jan 10th 2019

McKinsey has already forecast that there is only room for 4 or 5 insurers in every segment. That means if an insurer is not ahead in the Digital Insurance 2.0 race it is in deep trouble.

Join those which have already processed over 3.6 million claims in a Digital Claims 2.0 platform which is future-proofed to complete the journey to Digital Insurance 3.0

Well worth reading the full article link below.