Patently yes, and the J D Power research underlies the urgency for Home Insurers to anticipate that.

Just look at this Altus Report "Amazon’s Insurance Opportunity - 10 areas Amazon can disrupt" to see the breadth and depth of the challenge.

Combined with consumer motivation to change and you see the need for the right strategies, tactics and action by insurers.

For practical business plans read "Can incumbent P&C insurers "Out Amazon" Amazon?

Also consider how to deal with short-term threats like Amazon and at the same time deal with longer term disruption from, say, AI and Blockchain in :-

"Paris, London, Munich & global hot insurtech startups- what's in it for insurers?

Urgency? Well, today I read Stehen Catlin's prediction that "Many Carriers to be cash-flow negative by 2019".

He says that most CEOs dare not mention it for fear of the backlash from investors.  That makes it vital to anticipate Amazon AND making short term impact to avoid any danger of negative cash-flow.