"Directly found that gig-based customer service work that is flexible goes a long way in creating better engagement with customers. These “gigers” are more motivated to resolve customer problems for at least two reasons. First, they are compensated by how many problems they resolve. Second, their ratings can impact their future gig employment."

Forbes July 29 2018- Shep Hyken is a customer service/CX expert, keynote speaker and NYT bestselling author

Seeing that "Insurance fails to make top 10 for customer service, slips 2%" Insurers should take notice. add to that that waste time and materials costs can be  35% of complex repair and replacement costs this is a key area for customer service and profit improvement 

Claims services start at customer-led digital claim reporting and finish at settlement. Whether the claim requires drainage, escape of water, subsidence, fire or flood investigation or services, the work is carried out by extensive network of professionals.

The right professional on-site fast

Established, nationwide networks of professionals who can offer on-the-ground services fast, all using digital communications and orchestration technology platform.

Specialist teams for specialist claims

Complex claims require special services and needs a network including all kinds of professionals, including those with investigative, fulfillment and specialist skills.

Allocate resource efficiently

Align the availability, capacity and skillset of resource to the characteristics of the claim to ensure an optimal customer experience.

In the UK and US two claims services providers are delivering such digitally transformed services.



When the impact is a ten times plus improvement insurers should test these services before competitors beat then to it.