Willis Towers Watson advanced analytics survey of U.S. P&C insurers’ attitudes states : -"three areas dominate insurers’ thinking: the customer experience; claim management; and applications of telematics data in pricing, customer selection and product design. That said, many companies are also targeting improvements in reserving, expense management and agency/broker management."

Analytics is the key to better decisions impacting customer satisfaction, costs, margins, efficiency and effectiveness. The study identifies the top three hurdles obstructing progress:-

  1. Infrastructure/Data warehouse constraints
  2. Data Accessibility/not easily integrated
  3. Information Services Bottlenecks

Fortunately there are answers. Insurers have found a key to unlocking unstructured and siloed data;  360Retrieve

Not only that, these tools are embedded with a world-leading Digital Customer Engagement Hub. 

Too often,analytics is a standalone application. Unless roles and personas across the organisation have embedded dashboards, visualisations and reporting in their day-to-day enterprise apps the benefits odf analytiucs will be limited.

Insist on embedded MI & BI for everyone that needs the insights to make and execute better decisions.