Rare is a digital transformation project that does not include customer UX. Yet is it a co-incidence that many of the top rated insurers for UX are those with a foot firmly in the analogue experience?

These leaders show an affinity with their customers. They know them and anticipate their needs. Take NFU in the UK for example top rated for customer satisfaction.

Too many digital projects have ring-fenced marketeers and developers running these projects. Too few involve the people in the front-line- claims handlers who deal hour by hour with happy, unhappy and disillusioned customers. They know what makes customers tick.

One mantra should be "Don't make me Think" and another "Let the claimant self-serve the claim when they want to. Interestin g to see legal & General win awards for its "SmartClaim". Definitely combined UX expertise and digital claims to deliver customer excellence  

Ask the following questions raised by  Bain & Company and involve frontline staff: -

  • How do we encourage and educate customers to behave in the desired way? How do we steer them to the right channel?
  • What product specifications should we change?
  • What technology architecture would improve specific episodes?
  • How do we motivate and equip employees to behave in the desired way? Which capabilities do they lack, and what training is required?
  • How do we ensure a consistent, seamless experience between channels?
  • How should back-end processes change? What manual tasks can be automated to cut costs?

Adopt a digital claims platform that addresses the answers to the questions above e.g. allows the business user to configure templates, processes, wording, conditional branching WITHOUT having to rely on the vendor. How else can the claims team iterate, constantly improve, optimise through failure? 

Here is a test! Say you have two perils well organised and delivering an Amazon like "Aha" UX for the customer ! But tucked away on the website is an old analogue Travel Form.

Could you transform this into a fully fledged digitised self-service Claim Process in one day? Sitting behind a button on your website. Pretty straightforward the question. Interesting to hear the answers. OK- I assume you are an existing customer trained to use their solution.

The yes respondees offer Agile insurance CRM- Digital Claims + Communications & Orchestration Hub that tackles the contradictory goals of digitised insurance for the Digital Age.

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction AND Reducing Cost
  2. Increasing Efficiency AND Tackling Fraud

Normally you are charged more for improving customer UX and rating scores.Why should you have to?

If you simplify too much with the aim of straight-through processing of claims you will increase fraud not reduce it.

Your vendors need to face up to the challenges you face and deliver more for less. Just like analytics vendors like Tableau and Qlik delivered self-service analytics faster for less cost to upset the legacy analytics vendors so will it be with insurance.