"You must design your claims process with the customer in mind. Here are some questions to keep in mind as you and your team evaluates the claims process:

  • Do customers want to go through an old process of jumping through hoops?
  • Do customers want to go to your website, download a PDF claim form that isn’t even fillable, print this form, fill it out and then mail it in, only to receive a five- to eight-page claim packet two weeks later that they feel will need an attorney to complete? YUCK!!
  • What kind of experience are you presenting with a process like this? Would you want to go through this experience?
  • More importantly, do you think you will ever have a chance to sell this customer any of your products in the future?
  • What is your customer acquisition cost if you could retain this client with a great customer experience?

Brent Williams 3.5 Things to Know About Claims Systems April 2 2018

Customer UX is also a result of more than just processes however. It is about orchestrating all the participants involved in settling the claim: -

  1. Those inside the insurer or broker from claims handler to fraud and investigators
  2. External contractors and suppliers

Too few insurtechs only tackle customer UX and automating claims processes. make sure they include a comms and orchestration hub and better still digitised claims services like "WeGoLook" and 360ClaimsServices