Three heavyweights; Berkshire Hathaway, JP Morgan and Amazon there with the technology. "Let’s be clear, this is NOT something these companies are doing for just their employees."

"Amazon has already invested in healthcare with GRAIL and 14 of the 18 insurers offering voice computing skills according to Coverager use Amazon’s Alexa.  Couple Amazon’s technology capabilities and massive amounts of data with Berkshire Hathaway’s experience in Insurance and JP Morgan & Chase’s cash, and you’ve got yourself the potential for a great healthcare ecosystem.  

Plus, they have the perfect pilot to do it with – 1.1 million employees."

Stephen Goldstein Daily Fintech Feb 1st 2018

And remember Amazon is not the only digital giant targeting the healthcare market.

Ping An Healthcare has a mission to build the ‘largest healthcare ecosystem in the world

Will insurers and insurtechs be "Amazoned"?

 Incumbent insurers should anticipate success and use their core strengths together with digital platforms that can deliver the technology benefits of an Amazon to the various markets they serve- not just healthcare but Auto, House and Contents, Pets, Private and Commercial, General & Life. 

And remember you are looking at ecosystems in the making and must partner with the winners in these evolving powerhouses. Check out- 

"Insurers, digital platforms and ecosystems"

Act now!